Faith Episcopal Church
The Music of Faith
Dixieland Jazz is that exciting Brass Band music of New Orleans which originated in black funeral parades, playing slow spiritual music to
the cemetery and upbeat music after, to celebrate the entrance of the spirit of the person into heaven! Every year Faith Church hosts
its own Dixieland Sunday before the beginning of Lent. The music includes Down by the Riverside, What a fried we have in Jesus, How
great thou art, and When the Saints go marching in etc.
The Choir at Faith Church
The Rev. Patricia E. Henking    
Vicar of Faith Episcopal Church
Nancy E. Jamrog-Couret          
Organist and Choir Director
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Rose window
Washington, DC
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Dixieland Sunday Feb 2013
Dixieland Sunday Feb 2012
        The Rt. Rev. Robert Hirschfeld, Bishop of NH
The Rt. Rev Eugene Robinson,   Bishop retired